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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Australian Visa Agents

Every year hundreds of people travel to Australia for business purpose or to spend their holidays. Whatever be your reason to travel to Australia, you will need to apply for an Australian visa even before you start packing your bags. The best and easiest way to obtain the Australian visa is to hire an Australian visa agent who will help you with all the formalities of visa application and will also help you to avoid errors and unnecessary delays.

Remember, hiring a visa agent can be costly, so you need to ensure that you hire the right person. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there ready to scam people to earn some quick money, so be very careful about the agents you choose to work with.

To keep you safe, here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid when hiring visa agents:

Beware of Scammers

The emotional distress and monetary loss can be devastating for you and your family, if you fall in the hands of a dishonest visa agent. So when hiring an Australian visa agent, always make sure he is a MARA registered and certified agent.

  • 1. Avoid working with an agent if:
  • 2. He asks for exorbitant fees
  • 3. Asks to pay you in cash only
  • 4. Does not provide a written contract
  • 5. Is not registered or certified

You can also get a list of tarnished agents from the list published by MARA.

Hiring Inexperienced Agents

Never ever work with inexperienced agents. There can be a lot of complexities while applying for visa, so you should choose an agent who is experienced enough to handle such difficulties. Before zeroing on an agent, interview them thoroughly to know what cases he has handled in the past and what the success rate was.

If you know someone who has faced problems during visa application, site those examples and ask how they would help in such cases. If you get prompt answers, you can conclude the agent is experienced enough but if you don't, keep your search on.

Not Doing Enough Research

No matter how much little time you have in hand, make sure you question a lot of agents to know who the right person for you is. Get quotations from everyone you interview, to avoid paying high charges. Also perform a background check for each agent to know whether they have been involved in any scams or fraud in the past. In case the agent gives you any guarantee, make sure you get it in writing.

Remember, most of the fees you pay to the government are non-refundable, so once you pay them you will never get it back no matter whether you get your visa or not. So be careful when choosing a visa agent. Get references from your friend and family who have recently applied for visas. Ask for references of past clients who have worked with the agents to know whether they offer authentic services or not. Both money and time is important for you as well as your family, so one mistake can devastate all of you.

To make sure you have a smooth experience choose the Australian visa agent wisely.

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