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Planning to visit Dubai? Do you have a connecting flight and you have to wait for several hours at the Dubai airport? Now you can utilize this waiting period and roam about the city to get the real taste of UAE. Dubai has been the main transit point of several international airlines as well as sea-routes, so in order to promote Dubai the Department of Immigration offers transit visa to the transiting passengers who have to wait for long hours for their connecting flights. This enables the Department to keep a check on the inflow of tourists.

The 96 hour dubai transit visa is offered to people who have to wait for a minimum period of 5 hours (initially 8 hours), so that they can go around Dubai and have a great time roaming around. Passengers who are not willing to go out of the airport will not require the transit visa. The Dubai transit visa is a short term visa which allows both leisure and business tourists to travel within UAE.

From Where Can You Get a Dubai Transit Visa?

Compared to the other types of visa, the Dubai transit visa can be obtained easily. The Dubai transit visa can be collected at the Dubai International Airport, but you require an advocate or a sponsor residing in the country. The valid sponsors who can apply for a transit visa on your behalf include:

  • 1. Hotels or tourist companies can apply for a visa on your behalf
  • 2. The airlines can also make arrangements for the transit visa
  • 3. Individuals (your relatives or friends) residing in UAE can also apply for the visa on your behalf
  • 4. Transit visas can be arranged by Emirates and Etihad Airways, but if you are travelling by some other airlines, you will have to get in touch with Marhaba Services. Here is how you can ask your airlines to arrange for the Dubai transit visa:
  • 5. Both the airlines allow the passengers to apply for visas online, though this is not applicable for US citizens.
  • 6. Next you will have to gather all the required documents that the airline authorities will need for the visa. Retain the hotel reservation ticket as well as the confirmed airlines tickets to get the transit visa.
  • 7. Once you reach the Dubai International Airport, visit the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to fill up the application form (if you've not already done it) and provide the necessary documents and the fees.
  • 8. You will have to wait for some time before you receive the Dubai transit visit. Once you receive your visa, you are free to visit all the famous places in Dubai.

A number of tours are conducted that will take you to the places of interest within the city. You can go for shopping, slurp on delicious food and visit your friends and family residing in Dubai as well. While collecting the transit visa you will also have to disclose the time and date of departure, so make sure you do not miss this deadline anyway. In case, you need to extend the duration of stay, get in touch with the authorities. Visiting Dubai has become even smoother, so start planning your next vacation in Dubai.

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